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Lloyd bishop of Worcester, who had been made lord Almoner whilst bishop of St. Attorney General do prosecute Mr. Peter Hotton, professor of Botany at Leyden.

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Ray thus mentions him in the Preface to his Supplement to the Historia Plantarum:. Charlett, dated Yorke-BuildiDgs, Aug. A sufficient Account of him will be found in Chalmers's Biographical Dictionary. These, I believe, may tally with those of Monsieur Colbert, according to what I have read of these last in Bernard Montfau-con's works. The following was the account of it formerly written upon the first leaf by Dr. Richard James, Sir Robert Cotton's earliest librarian:. Twenty-one fragments of this Manuscript were engraved by Vertue for the Society of Antiquaries in , and inserted in their Vetusta Monumenta, vol.


When Mr. Planta compiled his Catalogue of the Cottonian Manuscripts, in , only eighteen fragments of this volume remained, and none of these were among the fragments engraved in the Vetusta Monumenta. Other fragments have since been recovered from the preserved cinders of the Library, amounting, large and small, to the number of a hundred and fourteen. The D r made me dine with him, and treated me with the greatest kindness. In the city of Buda was taken by the Turks, and in retaken, after a long siege, by the forces of the Emperor Leopold.

This manuscript was a portion of the plunder taken at the latter siege. An original Letter relating to it from the celebrated Dr.

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Wanley's Analysis has not been printed; but it is made with such precision as to be quite a clue for the amateurs of Greek musical composition to trace this volume to its resting place, which is at present unknown. Bumey was mistaken in supposing that this Manuscript had afterwards got into the Harleian Collection, and is now MS. HarL The two Volumes were undoubtedly written about the same time and in similar hands, but Wanley's MS. Among the Plate belonging to the Back-Stairs, two Chamber pots are included.

A memorandum in the margin of the Inventory says, that one of them weighing 13 oz. Titus C. He sent; an Account of the MSS. A ludicrous Account of the amazement of the metropolis in expectation of this Eclipse, appeared in the Post-boy Newspaper of Sept. Hickes's Thesaurus, already quoted, pp. Hyde's reply to Mr. Hudson's application is printed among the Letters from the Bodleian Library, 8vo. Edmundi de Burgo, MS.

Yesterdays Promises (Part 2 of the Askham Chronicles)

Parker de Antiq. Bliss, vol. Christian's edit. Wren was sworn upon the Council of the Royal Society himself, on the day after the date of this Letter, March 29, John Dee, and is quoted by Holinshed. Romanorum, Lut Par. Caput Allecti laureatum. As you have no more occasion for it till you come to town again, if you will be pleased to send it me sealed up, by the Bearer, you shall bare it [again] as long as you please.

Hollis afterwards purchased this Marble when at Rome, in , for fifteen sequins. He brought it to England, and subsequently bequeathed it, with his other property and curiosities, to Thomas Brand Hollis, Esq. Humorem putant sub terra calore densari. Amplitudine nusquam parvos excedunt abacos; crassitudine vero quanta dictum est vasi potorio. Splendor his sine viribus, nitorque verius, quam splendor.

Sed in pretio varietas colorum, subinde ciroumcingentibus se maculis in purpuram candoremque, et tertium ex utroque ignescentem, veluti per transitum colons purpura aut rubescente lacteo. Sunt qui maxime in his laudent extremitates, et quosdam colorum repercussus, quales in ccelesti arcu spectantur. Aliqua et in odore commendatio est. Maskelyne, and Mr. Waddington were the two persons sent. Transact, vol. Waddington took the passages of Venus and the sun's limbs, across the horizontal and vertical wire of the equal altitude instrument.

Charles Mason and Mr. Dixon, the two Observers here alluded to, will be found recorded in the same volume of the Philosophical Transactions as Dr. Maskelyne's, p.

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  • Append, p. Howard of Corby, Lord Gormanstown, Mr. Towneley, and Mr. I am glad to hear that even the English do amuse themselves about that play. I hope, however, that if those Ballons are to he applyed to the service of human kind, it will be in England that they will receive their greatest perfection. There are great many things to be known about the constitution of our atmosphere, and certainly they may be more easily discovered by the help of the flying Ballons. I expect to hear that men will fight no more by land and sea, but amidst the Air, in the common camp of the volatile tribe.

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    • Horseley, Dr. Maskelyne, Mr. Maseres, Mr. Poore, Mr. Glenie, Mr. Watson, and Mr.

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