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Kindness Matters. Because KindnessMattersAre you looking for ways to incorporate Kindness in the classroom on a daily basis?! This KindnessMatters CharacterCounts classroom activity is a great way to inspire and recognize kindness in the classroom. Each student has.

Candy Corn Science.


This is a great activity to do with your students for Halloween! There are three options included in this packet: you can choose a total of 3 liquids water, oil,.

Science, Autumn, Halloween. All you need to do is download this PDF file and print it out.

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Some of. DIY Monster Kit.

BEST Substitute Teacher TIPS AND ADVICE!

Each student can build their own monster, create a Monster ID card, write about their monster, and fill out a Monstrous Character Traits page. This activity set makes for a fun addition to. Creative Writing, Writing, Halloween. Activities, Fun Stuff, Classroom Forms. Fun Stuff, Printables, Classroom Forms.

Thanks a Latte Classroom Supplies Wishlist editable. This coffee themed classroom supply wishlist is super cute and easy to use! Print your requested supplies on the adorable coffee cups and hang them for parents to see at open house or meet the teacher night! Parents can grab a donation card with. Specialty, Back to School. Classroom Forms, Bulletin Board Ideas. Memory Book for End of the Year K Writing, End of Year, Classroom Community. Activities, Printables, Classroom Forms.

I've gathered some of the most essential items you'll need to organize and plan the beginning. Back to School, Summer, Classroom Community. Back to School. PreK, Kindergarten, 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th. Printables, Classroom Forms, Posters. Go, Fish!

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If you are looking for a Back to School activity to help build a positive classroom community, you've come to the right place!! Nevin , A. A guide to co-teaching with paraeducators: Practical tips for K—12 educators. Parker , H. Problem solver guide for students with ADHD: Ready-to-use interventions for elementary and secondary students. Passatore , M. Bulletin board? Peltz , W. Dear teacher: Expert advice for effective study skills. Pierangelo , R. Teaching in a special education classroom: A step-by-step guide for educators.

Plummer , D. Helping children to build self-esteem: A photocopiable activities book 2nd ed. Podesta , C. Self-esteem and the 6-second secret. Queen , J. The frazzled teacher's wellness plan: A five step program for reclaiming time, managing stress, and creating a healthy lifestyle. Rief , S. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass. Robbins , K. Big bulletin boards: A cooperative approach 2nd ed. Rozakis , L.

  1. A Smile on the Face of the Tiger (Amos Walker).
  2. The Great Commanders (Vol. 6): A Military History of Georgi Zhukov (The Great Commanders: Alexander the Great; Julius Caesar; Horatio Nelson; Napoleon Bonaparte; Ulysses S. Grant; Georgi Zhukov).
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  4. I Am Special.
  5. Here’s a little about our interviewees:!
  6. O discurso da mulher absurda (Portuguese Edition)!
  7. Tips for Taking Over Midyear;

Super study skills. New York : Scholastic. Rude , C. How to succeed as a substitute teacher: Everything you need from start to finish. Thousand Oaks, CA ; Corwin.

Substitute teacher gave up six-figure job for the sake of family |

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Turville , J. Differentiating by student interest: Strategies and lesson plans. Larchmont, NY : Eye on Education. Walsh , J. Quality questioning: Research-based practice to engage every learner.