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No Habra Final Feliz (Spanish Edition)

Example sentences including nalga. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…. El turismo nos trajo el bikini, la mochila, las sandalias con calcetines y la nalga tatuada. El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno Trends of nalga. In other languages nalga.

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Translation of nalga from the Collins Spanish to English. Barcelona, Spain. I would use "Usted" in formal contexts and with old people. Jacket - Chaqueta. I have a few questions regarding your response:. She's from northern Sinaloa, but lived several years in Tijuana, then several years in DF, so she knows a LOT of the purely Mexican dialect words used all around Mexico.

I've heard chamarra also.

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  • I think only from the older, less traveled members of my wife's family. The kids and two of mine are teenagers! I'll ask my wife about that one too. No one seems to know how that French word slipped in to Spanish, pinces for pliers. I had always assumed it was something purely local, since not one single English - Spanish dictionary, hard copy or online, shows it and I have a bunch, including one that's damn near as thick as a Webster's Unabridged!!!

    Possessive Pronouns

    You would think that if it's not purely local, as I assumed, it would have made it into the DRAE with an annotation about the places it's used. They do that with a LOT of the purely Mexican words. Now that I think about it, I feel like I've seen "pinzas" rather than "pinces" for pliers also "alicates," as you mentioned.

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    If any native Spanish speakers on this board would like to help me out by answering a…. See All. Thorn Tree forum.

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    My feet were two woolen fish in those outrageous socks, two gangly, navy-blue sharks impaled on a golden thread, two giant blackbirds, two cannons: thus were my feet honored by those heavenly socks. They were so beautiful I found my feet unlovable for the very first time, like two crusty old firemen, firemen unworthy of that embroidered fire, those incandescent socks.

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    • Nevertheless I fought the sharp temptation to put them away the way schoolboys put fireflies in a bottle, the way scholars hoard holy writ. I fought the mad urge to lock them in a golden cage and feed them birdseed and morsels of pink melon every day. Like jungle explorers who deliver a young deer of the rarest species to the roasting spit then wolf it down in shame, I stretched my feet forward and pulled on those gorgeous socks, and over them my shoes. So this is the moral of my ode: beauty is beauty twice over and good things are doubly good when you're talking about a pair of wool socks in the dead of winter.