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When I try to pair the old remote I just get a cannot pair error, does anyone know how to fix this?

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Don't believe you can use the old remote on a Q box. If it is then you'll find setup instructions in the settings menus. Last edited: Dec 8, Anyone know if you can pair a remote that has been paired to another box previously? Oh I see, only thing I can find is this. Sky Help: Problems with your Sky Q remote. You must log in or register to reply here.

Sky Terabyte Remote Control

Similar threads. Started by Roddw1 Aug 27, Replies: 6. Sky Digital TV Forum. Started by paulyoung Mar 17, Replies: 8. Pairing a Sky subs card and freesat box questions? Sky Q lets you watch another channel at the same time, or catch up on highlights of the sporting event that's currently on screen, where available.


If you've forked out for the full-fat 4K UHD Sky Q package, you want to make sure you're watching as much content as possible at the highest resolution — not everything is available in 4K, but you'll want to get the maximum number of pixels where you can. Select the On demand default download format option and make sure it's set to UHD — but remember this will mean any downloads are stored at the maximum possible size too. You're not just relying on the on-demand service from Sky Q and the content you've downloaded to your box — you can access all the popular catch-up services from right inside the Sky Q interface if you've missed something that's been broadcast.

From the main menu, pick Catch Up TV, then scroll across.

Any programme can be downloaded to watch at your leisure. If you want to play some tunes through your Sky Q box and the TV and speakers attached to it, you can do this via Bluetooth or AirPlay Apple's wireless standard. Choose Music from the Settings and Setup menus to establish a new Bluetooth connection. If you're using iTunes, or an iPad or an iPhone, set up is even easier — just click or tap on the AirPlay button and you should see your Sky Q box as an available connection.

You can then stream audio through whichever music or podcast app you prefer. Remotes are always liable to get lost down the back of the sofa or to be swallowed by the dog, but if this happens to your own remotes then you don't have to spend an age searching for the controls — just press the Q button on the front of your Sky Q box. If your remote is within range, it'll beep for 30 seconds, enabling you to track down its location in time for movie night to get started.

Sky Q Replacement Remote | One For All

If the kids have lost it in the garden or it's somehow found its way to someone else's house, though, then we can't help you. When you start watching an on-demand series that Sky Q has got stored as a box set or on a catch-up service, you'll find the next episode ready and waiting to play when you've finished watching the current one — which is nice and convenient for some binge watching.

This will take up room on your hard drive though, and might not be needed if you're just dipping in and out of various shows. To turn this feature off, from the Sky Q box choose Settings, Setup, and then Preferences, and turn off Auto download next episode. Switching between devices while watching is one of the flagship features of a Sky Q setup, and if you've not tried it out yet then you're missing out.

The end of the remote? Sky release free app to let your phone control the TV

To get started you need to install the Sky Q app for Android or iOS you can use it on up to four separate devices. Load up the app and you can stream any live channels or recordings from your box, as long as you're on your home Wi-Fi network. If you're heading out, you need to transfer recordings to your phone first — tap Recordings then Download to Phone to do this. Sometimes the simplest hacks are the most useful ones. If you want to go back to the channel you were just watching before you switched, press the right arrow button on the Sky Q remote to see a live preview, then hit the main select button to go back. It's very useful for switching back and forth between two sporting events, for example you can keep an eye on the action thanks to the live preview shown in the channel thumbnail. If you prefer using the Sky Q touch remote, you need to swipe right instead.

It's not just picture quality you want to make the most of on your Sky Q system: make sure Dolby Atmos is switched on, where available, too. It creates immersive, three-dimensional sound on some of the titles offered through the Sky Cinema channels. If you've got little ones running around the house then you don't necessarily want them to be able to access everything that appears on your Sky Q box all the time.