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The U team placed second in the most competitive A pool at last weekend's Maryland Club Championship, falling to the Washington Wolves, , in the championship game. The team scored 19 goals and gave up only three in five games. Schwab five goals , Chaudoin two unassisted goals , Baca, Blanchard, Gentner, Keagle and Penn found the back of the net,. One-mile results: 1. Brooks Ward, ; 2.

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Bob Burns, ; Lochlann Boyle, Kelly Dalla Tezza, a Fulbright scholar who planned a career in the , died Friday in an automobile accident in. She was 22 and lived in. Family members said she had a flat tire while driving on a road near Rabat and lost control of the vehicle. She spoke Arabic and between the two of us, on our travels together, we were quite effective. She was her class salutatorian.

Her mother said that throughout much of her childhood, she competed in Baltimore County gymnastics. From ages 3 to 10, she took dance lessons at.

She was in Baltimore County soccer recreation leagues and played the flute. She just followed her dreams. She worked very hard to achieve all her successes. Dalla Tezza earned a bachelor's degree in Islamic civilization from in As a senior, she had an internship at the American Islamic Conference. Family members said that during her junior year in college, she studied in , Spain, and later in Amman, Jordan. She stayed on in Jordan the following summer and worked at a publishing firm.


She spoke Spanish and Arabic. She learned fast and often looked for new assignments. She was quiet but not a pushover, and very serious about her job. When her day was done, she enjoyed a joke. He said that while she was a summer worker, she made valuable suggestions to improve his law office downtown. She had also been accepted into graduate programs at the Johns Hopkins, Harvard and George Washington universities.

At the time of her death, she was a graduate Fulbright researcher at the Institute for International Education in Bahrain. According to her resume, she was conducting research on "women's political influence in Bahrain" and had been interviewing women prominent in civil society. This month, she had spoken at a Fulbright-sponsored conference, held in Morocco, on women's political roles in Bahrain. Dalla Tezza also kept a blog of her experiences in the Islamic world. She traveled widely throughout the Middle East and mixed easily with those she met. In one post, she wrote, "Adopt a Kuwaiti grandpa.

He offered to drive her and friends "around for the rest of the day," she wrote on the blog. Then, he drove us around to various tourist sites and paid for everything. He told us that Turkey is the best country in the world because it has bars and mosques.

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A funeral Mass will be held at St. No date has been set.

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Or at least Boo-Boo Monkey did sleep with 4-year-old Pierre until the stuffed animal went missing somewhere in. If there is a happy ending to this tale, it hasn't been written yet.

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Boo-Boo remains missing. Having gone about the usual ways of searching for lost toys, they've come up with an unusual one: lost posters, like the kind you'd see for missing cats and dogs. The poster, which former Baltimore Sun reporter Diana Sugg brought to the newsroom's attention, bears a photo of the brown furry fellow under the word "LOST. I have a zipper on the back of my head and a diaper made with paper towel. Celine does not hold out much hope that Boo-Boo will turn up, but she said they had to do something.

The plight of every coach is to get his or her team to play to its potential for the entire 60 minutes of a contest. The Marriotts Ridge and Howard field hockey teams made their coaches proud on Wednesday night, with both teams reaching a crescendo over the last 13 minutes, and the Mustangs prevailing, Rebecca Biegel scored the game-winner with left to play in the game. It was a fast break situation with an odd-man advantage for the Mustangs, which Biegel jumped on as the ball was crossed her way on the right post. There was a cross to the post and I hit it in," she said.

The reason for the delay was the condition of the field and whether it was suitable and safe to play. The officials finally decided to go ahead with the game. After the elongated warm-ups, both teams started sluggishly. It brought the mood down a little bit. As the game progressed, it picked up especially when goals started being scored. Howard controlled the ball and the field for the majority of the half.

Marriotts Ridge managed to create a couple of fast breaks and a series of corners. After one of the Mustang corners played out, there was traffic in front of the cage and Jenna Kerr put it past Lions keeper Alli Jakubek 4 saves with left in the half.

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The second half saw more fight from both sides. Just six minutes in, another penalty stroke was called and Penn stepped up again. This time, however, her shot was wide. The play evened out between the Mustangs and Lions. It was almost as if an alarm sounded signaling that time was running out because at about the 15 minute mark, both teams started to play with an extreme sense of urgency. Maddie Courtney tallied the first goal of the second half at off an assist from Kerr as the result of a corner play.


Howard answered back six minutes later. Hamilton had gone down for a shot and White collected the rebound and rocketed it into the goal. It was even for exactly 33 seconds until Biegel answered with the game winner. But the officials ruled the shot illegal, stating it was a lifted drive not allowed on a corner hit and not a flicked ball. The goal was called back.

The game ended. Howard out-shot Marriotts Ridge and had an advantage in corners In this contest, Marriotts Ridge was able to finish one goal ahead. Marriotts Ridge 3, Howard 2. Celine Manneville recorded nine saves for Oakland Mills in the loss. Goals — Re: Clarke, Tiller. Assists — Re: Blanchard. Long Reach 3, Centennial 2 OT.

Glenelg 14, Hammond 0. Shannon Burt had 23 saves in goal for the Bears.