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He recounts the experience: Cambodia has only been at peace for the past 10 years.

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It just feels so different here, very raw. Upon arriving to Cambodia I found out that my team was going to Siam Reap and that I was going to teach English to Buddhist monks for the month.

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I love teaching the them; I have been received with such love and kindness. From day one I was greeted with, "hello Teacher, how are you today? They know that I'm only posing as a teacher and that I'm a Christian wanting to share my love for God with them. My first discussion with the monks was about women and love.

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Can you believe that? They were so curious about if I had been in love and if I was married. And what it means to love a women. They loved talking about women and many shared freely how they hope to get married one day. They asked, "What do women look for? Are they all after money? I met another monk named Kayla at the English center where my team teaches.

Every morning in Burma, monks fan out from their monasteries with alms bowls. In effect, they are begging for the food that will sustain them through the day. In the afternoon, nuns from the nunneries do the same.

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What struck me was that no matter how poor, people along their route would come out to provide scoops of rice or small bundles of meat or vegetables. It's not just people on the street who care for the monks. More fortunate Burmese donate time and money for the monks' and nuns' care of novices and orphans.

In a country where impoverished parents are often unable to care for their children, monasteries and nunneries provide a refuge for boys and girls who might otherwise face exploitation on the streets. I visited a number of monasteries and orphanages where children were fed, schooled, and sheltered.

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The monks said the government provides some money and rice, but not enough to sustain them. Private donors make up the difference.

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It's the Buddhist way to care for one another. More and more people in Burma need the help of others, especially now. Log in. Remember Me. Officials gathered at the scorer's table and assessed the Hornets a one-shot technical foul for having six men on the floor. He was just playing.

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Monk went on to say, "it's Mike, and whatever he does is going to make news because nowadays it's all social media and everybody has their phone out there and I wasn't surprised. Hornets coach James Borrego said he hadn't seen the video of Jordan tapping Monk, but smiled and said "it went viral, huh?

Monk said that he didn't see the difference between his celebration and others around the league -even though was nearly on the opposing foul line when Lamb's shot went through the basket. We won.

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I'm glad we got the 'W.